EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Study Plan Review Panel

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Hydraulic Fracturing Study Plan Review Panel

The Panel will review and provide independent expert advice on EPA’s draft Hydraulic Fracturing Study Plan that will investigate the potential public health and environmental protection research issues that may be associated with hydraulic fracturing.


It will be led by David A. Dzombak, professor of environmental engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Legere, Laura. "Peer-review panel for EPA fracking study includes six Pa. scientists." The Scranton Times-Tribune. Jan. 18, 2011.

A panel of geologists, toxicologists, engineers and doctors that will peer-review a high-profile Environmental Protection Agency study of hydraulic fracturing will include six scientists from Pennsylvania, more than any other state.

The panel will review the techniques and analysis the EPA uses to draft a study of the potential environmental and health impacts of hydraulic fracturing - the process used in natural gas exploration of injecting a high-pressure mix of chemically treated water and sand underground to break apart a rock formation and release the gas.

...In a memo announcing the new panel, the EPA found "no conflicts of interest or appearances of a lack of impartiality for the members of this panel."

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Determination Memo:
Posted 01/13/2011
Determination Memo for this Activity. (1/27/2011, PDF, 11 pp., 44,581 bytes)


Dzombak, David A. Chair Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh PA
Alexeeff, George   California Environmental Protection Agency Oakland CA
Ballestero, Tom   University of New Hampshire Durham NH
Benjamin, Mark   University of Washington Seattle WA
Boufadel, Michel   Temple University Philadelphia PA
Boyer, Elizabeth   Pennsylvania State University University Park PA
Burnett, David   Texas A&M University College Station TX
Davis, Thomas L.   Colorado School of Mines Golden CO
Dunn-Norman, Shari   Missouri University of Science and Technology Rolla MO
Giesy, John P.   University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Griffiths, Jeffrey   Tufts University Boston MA
Gschwend, Phillip   Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge MA
Harris, Cynthia M.   Florida A&M University Tallahassee FL
Kim, Nancy K.   Health Research, Inc. Troy NY
Lee, Cindy M.   Clemson University Anderson SC
Patten, Duncan   Montana State University Bozeman MT
Randtke, Stephen   University of Kansas Lawrence KS
Reible, Danny   University of Texas Austin TX
Schreppel, Connie   Mohawk Valley Water Authority Utica NY
Thyne, Geoffery   University of Wyoming Laramie WY
VanBriesen, Jeanne   Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh PA
Vidic, Radisav   University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA

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